Therapeutic Assessment

Therapeutic assessment, also known as collaborative assessment, is an innovative approach to psychological evaluation, which relies on collaboration between the assessor and client (and therapist, if applicable), as they work to help clients re-conceptualize their lives and move forward in their healing.  Assessment is used as a brief psychotherapeutic intervention.  Benefits to patients include accelerated symptom change, increased hopefulness about their problems, improved self-esteem, increased satisfaction with assessment, and better compliance with treatment.  Please read the following

Therapeutic assessment:  An Introduction

Steps in therapeutic assessment

The following are information sheets provided for referring professionals, adult and adolescent clients, and parents:

Information sheet for referring professional

Information sheet about therapeutic assessment for adults

Information sheet about therapeutic assessment for parents

Information sheet about therapeutic assessment for teens

The Center for Therapeutic Assessment, in Austin Texas, was founded and is led by Stephen Finn, Ph.D.  They provide on their site an extensive bibliography, including downloadable articles about therapeutic assessment, and recently ran a worldwide conference (October, 2014) on collaborative/therapeutic assessment, which I attended:

Website of the Center for Therapeutic Assessment