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Qualities of a Good Psychotherapist

According to research cited by Bruce Wampold, Ph.D. at the APA Annual Convention, the data suggests that an effective therapist:

  • Has an excellent set of interpersonal skills.
  • Builds trust, understanding and belief from the client.
  • Has an alliance with client.
  • Has an acceptable and adaptive explanation of the client’s condition.
  • Has a treatment plan and allows it to be flexible.
  • Is influential, persuasive and convincing.
  • Monitors patient progress.
  • Offers hope and optimism (realistic optimism, not ‘Pollyanna-ish’).
  • Is aware of a client’s characteristics in context.
  • Is reflective.
  • Knows and relies on best research evidence.
  • Continually improves through professional development.

I agree and try to foster these qualities in my professional work.

Find A Psychologist

If you are located near me (Oakland County, Michigan), call or email my office to see if I accept your insurance and have appointments available.  If I can’t see you or your child, I will direct you to another professional.

If you live in Michigan, search the Michigan Psychological Association‘s website for a psychologist, entering information about your location and the kind of problem for which you are seeking help.  For children or adolescents, search by the child or adolescent’s age, location.

Otherwise, you can search on the American Psychological Association‘s website or on Psychology Today‘s website for a psychologist or other mental health professional to evaluate and/or treat you your child or your family.